Maps Speedometer

What You Need to Know About the Google Maps Speedometer

With the new speedometer feature on Google Maps, it’s now easier than ever to stay aware of your vehicle’s rate of travel. Track your velocity with ease and ensure that you’re driving safely!

Google Maps’ new speedometer feature provides users with a digital way to monitor their driving. It is sure to be more effective than any traditional speed enforcer, as it will provide real-time alerts if they exceed the posted limit and even change colors when this happens – offering an extra visual cue that can act as a reminder for them in order to stay safe on the roads.

The bottom left corner of the screen provides a wealth of information about your journey – from speed limits to estimated time arrival. By displaying each leg’s duration, remaining kilometers and options such as rerouting or pausing navigation, you’ll always be aware of where you are on your route!

Google Maps’ on-screen speedometer revolutionized navigation in 2019, starting with availability across Asia, Europe, South America , UK and the US – before soon expanding to other regions. While it is not yet available everywhere for everyone’s benefit due to varying regulations around the world; those lucky enough can check how they can activate this useful tool for their future journeys.

How to activate speedometer in Google Maps

With your mobile phone in hand and Google Maps at the ready, you can easily set up notifications when exceeding speed limits.

Go to Settings within the app, scroll down to Navigation settings, then simply switch on Speed Limit notification – it’s that easy! However, as always with road safety matters be sure to check against your vehicle’s own measurements for accuracy.

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