Why Tiktok Will Limit Teen Screen Time To 60 Minutes?

Tiktok To Limit Teen Screen Time To 60 Mins Line Stories • 20M Views/Week Useline.Com - File Your Taxes For Free

Under 18 Tiktok Users Will Have Their Daily Limit Set Automatically To 60 Minutes.

Tiktok Said It Wants Teens To Be More Aware Of The Time They Spend On The App.

New Features Will Allow Parents To Have Control Over Their Child'S Use Of Social Media.

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The App’S New Default Screen Time Will Apply To New And Existing Accounts.

Teenagers Will Be Able To Turn Off This Setting On The App.

But If They Spend Over 100 Minutes A Day Tiktok Will Prompt Them To Set A Limit.

Tiktok Will Also Set A 60Minute Limit By Default For People Under 13