Why Tesla Didn'T Reveal Its New Plan On Investor Day

Why Tesla Didn'T Reveal New Plan On Investor Day White Scribbled Underline

Tesla'S Investor Day Did Not Reveal A Cheaper Car Model As Expected.

Instead Elon Musk Presented A "Master Plan" To End Fossil Fuel Use Globally.

Musk Said The Switch Would Cost $10 Trillion Less Than What Is Spent On Fossil Fuels.

$7 Trillion Would Be For Electric Vehicles Which Tesla Plans To Dominate.

Tesla Revealed Next-Gen Vehicles And A Production Process To Cut Costs By 50%.

While Tesla Is Creating Its Own Plan You Make Yours And File Your Taxes For Free! File Taxes For Free!

Future Tesla Vehicles Will Require No Rare Earth Elements And Any Battery Chemistry.

Tesla Also Boasted Software Updates And Strategies To Cut Costs On Stations.