What Is Trump Water? Donald Trump Tours Ohio'S East Palestine After Train Derailment (Copy)

What Is Trump Water ? Donald Tours Ohio After Train Derailment White Scribbled Underline

Donald Trump Is Drawing Flak For Promoting “Trump Water" In East Palestine Ohio.

Trump Gave Out Bottles Of Water Bearing His Brand Logo During A Feb 22 Visit.

An Evacuation Order Was Issued On Feb 3 After The Emission Of Dangerous Chemicals.

Authorities Warned Against Drinking Water From Wells While They Test For Contamination.

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Trump Who Seeks To Regain The Presidency In 2024 Tapped Into The Water Worries

Social Media Wasn'T Too Happy With The Former Potus’ Water Brand Promotion.

Between 1990 And 2021 There Were 54539 Railway Derailments In The Us.