What Is Teenage Look? Tiktok'S New Viral Beauty Filter

What Is Teenage Look ? Tiktok'S New Viral Beauty Filter White Scribbled Underline

Tiktoks New Teenage Look Beauty Filter Makes Users Look Like Their Younger Selves

It Quickly Racked Up 3.4 Million Views Often Paired With ‘The Freshmen’ Melody.

The Filter Removes Wrinkles However Some Feel They Look Older Using It. File Taxes For Free!

Top-Liked Posts With The Filter Have Somber Tones As Users Reflect On Younger Years.

Some Tiktokers Use The Filter To Talk About Their Lack Of Self-Confidence.

The Filter Can Bring Up Old Emotions Of Trauma Experienced In Teen Years.

Trans Individuals Use The Filter To See A Younger Self Matching Their Gender Identity.

Critics Claim These Kind Of Filters Worsen Self-Esteem And Pressure To Look Young.