Unveiling the Galaxy S23's Amazing Camera Upgrade 

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

1. An improvement in the Gallery app allows you to immediately delete photos that were just captured and are getting processed. 2. The autofocus algorithm has been changed, so when you press the shutter button, the camera takes a photo even if the frame is out of focus or not completely set.

3. Sharpness has improved, and the flicker has been reduced while capturing videos using the ultrawide camera in low-light situations using the Super Steady mode. 4. Fixed the bug, which sometimes displayed a green line on the left side when using the rear-facing camera in the Photo mode.

5. Improved the video stabilization when the resolution is set to Full HD 60fps and the Auto FPS setting is turned off while using the rear-facing camera. 6. Improved the banding issue that appeared in the sky in mid-low ambient light and when using high resolution (50MP or 200MP).

7. Samsung has also solved that image quality issue when the Night mode is turned off, and the Camera Assistant app is set to the following setting: Shooting Speed » High Resolution » Speed Priority. 8. The camera issue where face recognition didn’t work after ending a video call using a third-party app has also been solved.

9. Samsung has also improved the stability of the camera app when the frame has moving subjects.

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