Uncovering the Unexpected: A Journey of Discovery

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

Two brothers were going through their father’s home in a postmortem excavation when they discovered something surprising hidden within the walls.

1. Two Brothers Find $15m Painting in Wall

While venturing through a remote jungle in the West Sumatra region of Indonesia, conservationists discovered the largest flower bloom in the world.

2. World’s Largest Flower Found in Jungle

Also known as the Druid Stone, the Cochno Stone was found in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland by a team of archaeologists.

3. Archaeologists in Scotland Find a Stone Slab with Strange, Swirled Markings

This vessel was originally discovered in a set of 180 pieces, so you can imagine the painstaking efforts researchers took to piece this “Holey Jar” back together.

4. The Riddle of the Roman Holey Jar

In 2012, a man named Zachary Bodish was poking around a Columbus, Ohio thrift store when he saw a cool poster that he believed was a reproduction of an ad for a Picasso exhibit.

5. Ohio Man Buys Thrift Store Poster That Ends up Being a Picasso

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