Behind The Scene Actors The Last Of Us Finale

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

Human suffering and violence is at the core of The Last of Us. So getting the opportunity to peek at a few amusing behind-the-scenes moments is a pretty unexpected sight. 

1. That final lie…interrupted by contagious laughter

Joel lying to Ellie about what went down in Salt Lake City, bursting into laughter and giving us all a break from that rough, rough moment of nebulous morality.

2. Laura Bailey wins “funniest text of all time” (and what that cameo was all about)

Actor Laura Bailey, who voiced characters in both the first and second games, strikes a humorous pose over that poor dead doctor who was moments away from vivisecting Ellie.

3. Up close with the bloater and does anyone know the brand of this sweater?

Another amusing image is a seemingly innocuous shot of Ellie during the filming of the show’s snow-covered segments. One fan simply wanted to know if anyone knew the brand of the sweater Ellie was wearing?