The Best Story Games On Pc

Firewatch Firewatch Is A Firstperson Exploration Game That Casts You As Henry A New Fire Lookout Assigned To The Shoshone National Forest

It Is One Of The Most Innovative Story Games That You Can Play In A Single Session

What Remains Of Edith Finch Is An Exploration Game That Takes Us On A Tour Of Her Family House

It Is A Sad Journey Through The Eyes Of Edith As She Tries To Move On From Her Past

Her Story Is A Classic Whodnit Except Instead Of Investigating Crime Scenes And Interrogating Suspects You Are Sitting In Front Of An Ancient Police Computer

It Is Possible To Get The Beginning Middle Or End And Draw The Wrong Conclusions

Disco Elysium In Disco Elysium Your Amnesiac Detective Is Investigating A Murder In The Dystopian City Of Revachol