The 5 Best Places to Live for Families in Pennsylvania

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

Though the state boast so many attributes, but for finding the best best place to live in Pennsylvania can be tough. In this article will give you some data that can help you narrow it down.

1. Sherry

This city is at the top of the list because it has the lowest ratio of housing costs to income.

2. The town of Johnstown

It is a very conservative city. The town is easygoing and has all the comforts of a city without the noise, pollution, and crime.

3. York

At the end of summer, there is also the 10-day York Fair, which is a great time for RV travelers and day visitors.

4. Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

They are both in a beautiful valley surrounded by coal-rich mountains. This area is safer from tornadoes because of its geography.

5. Poconos

The Pocono Mountains, also called the Poconos, are a great place for people who like to be active.