The 5 Best Places to Live for Families in Maine

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

Though the state boast so many attributes, but for finding the best best place to live in Maine can be tough. In this article will give you some data that can help you narrow it down.

1. Cape Elizabeth

This city is safe, clean and happy this word is the best for describe the best place to live in Maine.

2. Cumberland

Cumberland is a wonderful place to live as Cape Elizabeth with the added bonus of slightly lower property prices and much lower monthly rent.

3. Falmouth

Falmouth is a dreamy location for parents to raise some family, this city is home to the best selection of schools in the state.

4. Yarmouth

Although nightlife in Yarmouth is practically non existent, there is a great deal of other desirable factors about suburban neighbourhood.

5. Scarborough

This small town is a lovely place to live, in the evening the local people will often take stroll through the marshes and down on to the beach.