The 5 Best Places to Live for Families in Florida

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

Though the state boast so many attributes, but for finding the best best place to live in Florida can be tough. In this article will give you some data that can help you narrow it down.

1. Pensacola

Financial services, health care, manufacturing, and tourism are all big industries with lots of job opportunities.

2. Tallahassee

This city is a good choice if you want to live in a college town, are interested in politics, or want to live in an area of the Florida Panhandle.

3. Sarasota

Sarasota is an attractive option for anyone seeking a central Florida coastal community that welcomes families and has a sizable resident labor force.

4. Melbourne

Melbourne is on Florida’s “Space Coast,” which is a popular place for beach vacations and rocket launches all year round.

5. Greater Miami Area

Miami is probably the most exciting city in Florida. It has beautiful beaches, bright buildings, a lively nightlife, and a lot of Caribbean and Latin American culture.