Succession’s Final Season Doubles Down on its Core Conceit

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

While Succession’s fourth and final season makes good on the series’ name, it does so while feeling comfortably stuck in a familiar holding pattern of treachery and ‘gotcha’ backstabbing.

Succession has spent three seasons reminding us that, no matter how many times Logan Roy’s would-be successors try to maneuver him into a tight spot, he simply can’t be beaten.

In its fourth and final season, though, Succession sticks so closely to its classic narrative playbook that it sometimes feels like it doesn’t have the guts to make bold choices.

In the four episodes that were provided to the press, Succession feels blissfully stuck in a holding pattern that’s trying to prolong this saga as long as it can while still only moving incrementally.

Even when the show does find some forward momentum, Succession never seems to want to lean all the way into it for fear of hastening its end.