Prince Harry Says Raising Archie And Lilibet

Raising Archie And L I Libet "Changed" Me As A Person: Prince Harry White Scribbled Underline

Recently Prince Harry Opened Up About How His Children Changed Him As A Person.

Harry Also Shares A Parenting Tip On Calming Children Down.

The Duke Of Sussex Believes That Children Pick Up On Their Parents' Energy. File Taxes For Free!

Harry Suggests Taking Deep Breaths And Changing One'S Energy To Calm Children.

The Duke Thinks That Children Should Be Given Space To Experience Anger And Frustration.

Harry Advises Allowing Children To Express Their Feelings And Talking About It Later.

He Reveals He Didn'T Understand The Importance Of Energy Before Having Children.

In Other News Harry Has Reportedly Been Invited To His Father'S Coronation In May.