Jena Malone Net Worth 2023: Was 'Hunger Games' Star Assaulted During Shoot?

Was Jena Malone Star Assaulted During Shoot? White Scribbled Underline

Jena Malone Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted On Set Of ‘Hunger Games’.

Jena Malone Played Johanna Mason In The Movie Franchise.

Malone 38 Posted About Her Terrifying Incident On Instagram On February 28. File Taxes For Free!

In The Wake Of The Dramatic Events Malone Talked Openly About Her Healing Process.

She Expressed Her Gratitude For The Chance To Take Part In The 2015 Film.

Malone Has Also Acted In Movies Including ‘Pride And Prejudice’ And ‘Stepmom’.

The ‘Hunger Games’ Franchise Grossed Over $2.97 Billion Worldwide.