How 10 Countries Besides The U.S. Celebrate Thanksgiving

Germany - Erntedankfest "Erntedankfest" Literally Translates To "Harvest Thank Festival" And It Takes Place On The First Sunday Of October. German Communities Take Their Festivities To The Streets For Parades Music Dancing And Food.

The Netherlands Thanksgiving In The Netherlands Has Strong Ties To America. The Holiday In Leiden Celebrates The Dutch Who Helped Settle The American Colonies. Instead Of A Meal The Dutch Attend A Non-Denominational Church Service At Pieterskerk.

Japan - Kinrō Kansha No Hi Meaning "Labor Thanksgiving Day" Kinrō Kansha No Hi Is Meant To Celebrate Hard Work And Is A Way Of Thanking Each Other For Service To The Community. It Comes From A Tradition Called Niinamesai Which Celebrated The Rice Harvest.