Business in the 2050s: How the Future of Work Might Look

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

By considering these new ideas, and taking the changes which have already happened in the workplace over recent years one step further, this is how the workplace of the 2050s might look…

Remote Working – The New Normal?

All these factors are combining to produce a vast number of highly productive, well trained and well-educated workers, who do not need to be physically present at the office.

The 4 Day Workweek

Whether a 4 day workweek is sustainable in the long-term, not just over a limited period of time, and to what extent Thursday afternoons become the new Friday afternoons with regards to productivity.

The Robots Are Coming For Us All!

Like it or not, automation and technological advances mean that sooner or later, our jobs will be done by robots who can complete the work quicker, cheaper and to a better standard than we ever could.

No-One Is Safe!

Across all industries and all walks of life, the expectation is that robots will be doing the jobs that people currently do, within the next few decades.

Crisis Management and Free Money For All

One potential solution which has gained support from people on all sides of the political spectrum, is the idea of a universal basic income (UBI).