Baidu stock rebounds after falling sharply in wake of ChatGPT-style bot demo

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

Shares in Chinese search giant Baidu rebounded sharply a day after it unveiled ERNIE Bot, its answer to the ChatGPT craze.

1. Its stock soared 14.3%

Its stock soared 14.3% on Friday in Hong Kong, making it the biggest winner in the Hang Seng Index (HSI). They also gained 3.8% in New York during US trade Thursday.

2. Esme Pau, kepala aset digital dan internet China dan Hong Kong Macquarie.

“The high degree of enterprise interest is positive, and we expect Baidu to continue to capture China’s enterprise demand for generative AI,” Esme Pau, Macquarie’s head of China and Hong Kong internet and digital assets, told.

3. Presentation how its chatbot could worker.

JDuring the presentation, Baidu showed how its chatbot could generate a company newsletter, come up with a corporate slogan and solve a math riddle.

4 .ERNIE Bot

'Like ChatGPT, ERNIE is based on a language model, which is trained on vast troves of data online in order to generate compelling responses to user prompts.

5.Advantages of ERNIE Bots

ERNIE Bot can produce text, images, audio and video given a text prompt, and is even capable of delivering voice in several local dialects such as the Sichuan dialect