A timeline of The Investigation Into Death of Tyre Nichols

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Written by DEPKES.ORG March 2023

The investigation into the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee, continues. Here is a timeline of the events leading up to and surrounding his death

1.  Jan. 7: Tyre Nichols pulled over

Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, was pulled over by police for alleged reckless driving.

2. Jan. 10: Tyre Nichols' death

Nichols died three days after being detained by Memphis police.

3. Jan. 18: Federal investigations begin

Kevin G. Ritz, United States Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, announced that the FBI and DOJ are investigating the incident.

4 .  Jan. 23: Family describes body camera footage

The video footage of Nichols' interaction with five Memphis police officers was viewed by Nichols' family and attorneys.

5. Jan. 27: Body camera footage released, Shelby County deputies relieved from duty.

Memphis officials released the footage of Nichols' confrontation with police. Four videos were shared to Vimeo by the city of Memphis.

6. Feb. 3: Memphis PD fires white officer who encountered Nichols

The Memphis Police Department announced that it fired Hemphill for violating multiple police guidelines during his confrontation with Nichols.

7. March 7: 7th Memphis PD officer terminated

Jennifer Sink, Memphis's chief legal officer, told city councilmembers that a seventh officer who was involved in the encounter with Nichols was terminated.