8 Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think

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Some Foods Have A Bad Reputation. Here Are 8 That Are Actually Not Bad.

The Canning Process In Canned Food Preserves Nearly All The Nutrients. 1

Though Yolk Has Cholesterol An Egg A Day Doesn'T Increase Risk For Health Disease. 2

Bread Is Best With More Than 3 Grams Of Dietary Fiber Per Serving. 3 File Taxes For Free!

Potatoes Are Rich In Vitamin C B6 Manganese Magnesium And Others. 4

Chocolate Is Actually Good. Enjoy Your Chocolate In Moderate Amounts. 5

American Heart Association Says Lightly Seasoned Air-Pop Popcorn Is Rich In Fiber. 6

Coconut Has The Ability To Lower Or Increase Your Hdl Cholesterol Levels. 7