6 Leg Day Exercises To Superset For A Killer Leg Day!

6 6 Leg Exercises To Superset At Home Leg Day

A Superset Is A Set Of Exercises With No Rest In Between

These 6 Leg Exercises At Home Increase Muscular Endurance Superset And Increase Time Under Tension

1 Split Lunge Strength Move Targets Legs Butt Hamstrings Quads And Thighs

2 Lunge Drops Targets Are Legs Butt Hamstrings Quads Thighs And Calves

3 Deadlifts Targets Posterior Chain H Amstrings And Hips

Dumbbell Snatches Targets Are Legs Hamstrings And Lower Back Shoulder Arms And Core

The Squat Jacks Targets Are The Legs Thighs And Side Butt