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The 7 Best Places to Live in Ohio (Update 2023)

From its weather to its population and beyond, Ohioans are often given less credit than they deserve. Either there are “too many murders in Ohio,” or then people there are “too close-minded” when it comes to issues of religion, politics, art, philosophy, or [insert societal component here].

Others claim the weather is terrible, with ice age-like winters that last for several months. Others agree that it has a stunning exterior, but they add, “too bland.”

Where in Ohio are People Suggesting to Live?

Cost of living, average wage, unemployment, education, healthcare, commute time, and crime all played towards Cincinnati’s ranking as the 53rd greatest place to live in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

It ranked first in value, which was calculated using factors like the average income of residents and the cost of living. Take a look at some of Ohio’s top neighborhoods:

1. Dublin

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Central In 2017, Niche, a website that examines school and neighborhood statistics, surveyed Ohio residents and confirmed the state’s long-held reputation as one of the greatest locations to live in the Buckeye State.

Suburb of Columbus, Ohio’s Dublin ranked sixth on Niche’s list of the finest places to live in the United States.

2. Bexley

Bexley, another fantastic place to live in Ohio, is a beautiful suburb with only 13,500 residents that demonstrates why Columbus, the state capital, is quickly becoming the best place to live in the pivotal state.

Residents also benefit from one of the shortest commuting times in the world, at only 17 minutes per day. Homes in Bexley cost an average of $284,600, and they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, from cozy craftsman cottages to stately Colonial mansions to standard contemporary townhouses.

3. Upper Arlington 

Upper Arlington, a suburb of Columbus, is frequently mentioned as one of the state’s best locations to live. Both the crime rate and the unemployment rate are quite low.

The median family income is $98,618, over double the national average, and GreatSchools gives the district’s excellent educational offerings a perfect score of 10 out of 10.

4. Hudson

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With a population of 22,400, Hudson is a suburb of Cleveland in Summit County that prioritizes education. More than two-thirds of its citizens over the age of 25 have earned a bachelor’s degree, and the local education system received a perfect score of 10 on GreatSchools.

5. Mason

Mason, a Cincinnati suburb with 31,700 residents located in Warren County, comes up next on our list of great places to call home in Ohio. Mason’s enviable quality of life has made its way onto numerous “Best Places to Live” lists, and one of the reasons for its popularity is the city’s low property taxes.

6. Powell

Located in tranquil Delaware County, Powell is yet another suburb that helps establish Columbus as one of Ohio’s best locations to call home. There are 12,300 permanent residents here.

Powell has a much higher cost of living than other prominent Ohio cities. The median home value is $335,700, while the median rent is $1,929.


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You can’t go wrong staying in Westerville if you need a spot to rest close to the state capital. That’s especially true if you have an interest in the past or the great outdoors.

Many historic homes in Ohio that housed slaves who escaped to freedom via the Underground Railroad are still standing today because the state never fully embraced slavery in the past.


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