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The 7 Best Places to Live in New Jersey [Update 2023]

Being so close to its hipper, larger sister, New York, does nothing to improve New Jersey’s reputation. Some of the highest taxes in the United States are said to be found in the Garden State.

It’s also overrun with people. New Jersey is the fourth smallest state, but it has the highest population density, with 9 million people crammed into its relatively limited territory.

Where is the Best Places to Live in New Jersey?

Living in New Jersey, sometimes known as the Garden State, is a treat. What’s not to like about our city, with its beautiful parks, excellent eateries, and culturally rich neighborhoods? You may be wondering, then, which parts of New Jersey are the most desirable.

1. Princeton

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Princeton, in Mercer County, is often regarded as one of the finest residential communities in all of New Jersey. Real estate here is expensive because of the area’s prominence, but residents insist the cost is justified.

This quiet college town has plenty of amenities, a rich cultural landscape, and is ideal for starting or expanding a family. The historic buildings and museums in the region contribute to the city’s allure, as does the Gothic-style Princeton University.

And some of New Jersey’s finest greens can be found here, making it a great destination for golfers. Princeton is one of the safest cities in New Jersey thanks to its low crime rate

2. Metuchen

Similarly, the town of Metuchen in Middlesex County is a fantastic location to call home. The people of this pleasant mid-sized town are both smart and welcoming.

It is considered a commuter town due to the high volume of passengers using its large train station. Over the course of a month, about 180,000 people use the NJ Transit Metuchen Station.

3. Edison

Edison is also in Middlesex County, much as Metuchen. The population of Edison represents a wide range of cultures. It has excellent public schools and a pleasant suburban vibe, making it a great home for families.

The median household income is around $100,000, making it one of the state’s wealthiest municipalities. Jobs are plentiful in the area because to the prestigious John F. Kennedy Medical Center. Little India, a predominantly South Asian commercial center, and the massive Menlo Park Mal may both be found in Edison.

4.  Cherry Hill

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Cherry Hill

Camden County is home to the beautiful town of Cherry Hill. It’s in New Jersey, but it’s considered a Philadelphia suburb because of how close it is to the city. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for individuals who must travel to Philadelphia for work.

Even though there are more than 70,000 people living in Cherry Hill, the town still has a pleasant, suburban atmosphere. The affluent community of this town is known for its excellent educational institutions, beautiful parks, and exciting cultural events. In every way, this community is perfect for starting and growing a family.

5. Mount Laurel

Mount Laurel, which is in Burlington County, is often regarded as one of the state’s most secure communities. The outdoor areas are stunning, and the facilities for teaching and learning are first-rate. I have visited this location numerous times. The town’s citizens are kind and welcoming, and there is a general sense of ease in the air.

6. Chesterfield

Burlington County is home to the township of Chesterfield. There are just about 7,900 people living there, but that number is gradually increasing. The communities have been greatly enhanced by the new build residences. The majority of the population are professionals with 30-minute average commuting times.

7. Jersey City

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Jersey City

Jersey City is a major suburb in the New York City area, and it can be found in Hudson County. It’s a quick and simple way to get to New York City. There is a wide variety of entertainment, dining, and retail opportunities available in the central business district.

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