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The 7 Best Places to Live in Georgia

The population of the Peach State, which already exceeds 10 million, grows each year as more and more people discover its various attractions. There’s something for everyone among these 11 finest locations to live in Georgia, whether you thrive in a bustling metropolis or prefer a more bucolic setting.

Where is best places to live in Georgia?

So, if you’re new to the state or just aren’t sure what you want in your new home, here are what people think are the best places to live in Georgia.

1. Alpharetta

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The Avalon, which opened in 2014, is one of the best things about this area. People from this city and the surrounding area come to this mixed-use development to shop, eat, and go to events.

On a normal weekend, you can do yoga on the lawn in the morning, watch movies outside at night, and sit on the patios of bars and restaurants. Plus, downtown Alpharetta has been renovated recently and now has a great selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels.

2. Canton/Holy Springs

With about 30,000 people, Canton and nearby Holly Springs are great places to look for a home if you want to live in a large suburb that isn’t too big. In fact, the city covers nearly 20 square miles, so if you drive around town, you’ll probably see cows and horses.

3. Greece

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Athens, on the other hand, is a great place to check out if you’re searching for a charming town with a vibrant nightlife, interesting local eateries, and all the other perks of living in a college town. Atlanta is about an hour away by car, so you’re still close to a big city without all the traffic.

One of the many good things about living in Athens is that housing is very cheap. Even though you’ll be within walking distance (or a short drive) of numerous restaurants, local stores, breweries, and the gorgeous University of Georgia campus, the median property value in Athens is only $180,000. Go Dawgs!

4. Decatur

Living in Decatur has a lot going for it. Especially if you want to be in the Atlanta area, I-285 is a good place to be (or “ITP” as the locals say). Even though Decatur is close to downtown Atlanta, it has a very different feel and personality from the city center.

In the small downtown area, the streets are lined with bars, restaurants, and shops that draw crowds every day and make this a place that many locals go to often.

5. Gainesville

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If you live in Gainesville, you’ll always be close to Lake Lanier, which is one of the most popular lakes in the whole country. This makes the city of about 55,000 people a great place to live if you like being outside.

In 1996, the Olympic Games were held in Gainesville. You can travel to the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains from Atlanta in roughly the same amount of time.

6. John Creek

Some of Atlanta’s best luxury neighborhoods, like the exclusive St. Ives Country Club, are in Johns Creek, so it’s very common to see homes worth more than $1 million here.

Johns Creek is a more expensive place to live, with a median property value of $610,000. Residents like the gated neighborhoods, cleanliness, and safety of the area, but it is also more expensive to buy a home there.

7. Woodstock

Just 30 miles north of Atlanta, the city limits of Woodstock cover more than 12 square miles and are home to more than 30,000 people. Our lively metropolis has been recognized as a Georgia PlanFirst Community as well as the recipient of the Live, Work, Play City Award from the Georgia Municipal Association.

Woodstock is known for its busy downtown and world-class parks and trails. It is also home to hundreds of small businesses that are doing well, as well as places to shop and visit.


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