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The 10 Best Places to Live in Michigan [Update 2023]

Although the state’s stunning landscapes, stunning coastlines, and lush forests are well-known and widely admired, there are many other benefits to calling Michigan home. Beautiful sights, the opportunity to own a home in a welcoming community, and fun activities for the whole family can all be found in Michigan’s big cities and quaint beach towns.

Where is the Best Places to Live in Southeast Michigan?

There are plenty of places for families to have fun and connect in Michigan, from small beach towns to bustling metropolises. Listed below are the top 15 cities and towns in Michigan.

1. Ann Arbor

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Ann Arbor

For good reason, Ann Arbor is among the most sought-after communities in all of Michigan. Ann Arbor is a vibrant city with a culture all its own, thanks to its rich artistic and academic scene. The presence of the University of Michigan in this town lends it a youthful energy that sets it apart from its urban neighbor to the east, Detroit.

2. Grosse Pointe

The Grosse Pointe neighborhood of Metropolitan Detroit continues to rise in prominence. Grosse Pointe is its own city, but there are also five other communities in the area with the same name: Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Shores, and Grosse Pointe Park.

3. Novi

Novi is a large suburb of Detroit with a current and projected population of over 60,000. Novi’s public schools, parks, retail spaces, nightlife, and career prospects are all excellent, which makes the city a terrific place to live for families with children and young professionals.

4. Plymouth

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Plymouth is a highly sought-after community in Wayne County, just outside of Detroit. Many people in Michigan hope to start and raise their families in this area because of the excellent public schools, low crime rate, and kind welcome they have found here.

5. Rochester

Rochester, located in Oakland County to the north of Detroit, is a rapidly expanding suburb. It boasts a thriving nightlife that brings in people of all ages, from college students to retirees and their families.

6. Alpena

Alpine is the classic Lake Huron resort town, located in beautiful Thunder Bay on Michigan’s Sunrise Coast. Visit art galleries, wander the scenic downtown port, and unwind at a coastal vineyard on a Saturday for a taste of the easygoing lifestyle.

7. Traverse City

    Located on northern Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay, the city of Traverse City is more than just a gorgeous sight. It’s a great place to call home since the locals have figured out how to foster both commercial development and a sense of community, making it one of the best beach towns to call home.

    8. Lansing

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    Lansing, the state capital, is located smack dab in the middle of the state’s major urban area. In this major hub of industry, learning, and government, people make their homes and spend their days. Thanks to the many different industries flourishing there, the population is rich in variety and employment options.

    9. Midland

    Midland combines the advantages of city living with those of a more modestly priced neighborhood. Midland’s proximity to Bay City and Saginaw allows the city to take advantage of both without incurring their inflated costs.

    10. Okemos

    Okemos, a little town not far from Lansing, represents an alternative way of life in the state’s central region. Here you may be close enough to Lansing to take use of the city’s conveniences, yet removed enough to take advantage of the area’s tranquility and excellent public schools.

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