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Remembering Apple CEO Steve Jobs on His Birthday

Today marks the day that Steve Jobs would have celebrated his 68th birthday and become a living legend. On this special occasion, we remember with profound gratitude all of the remarkable accomplishments made by one of Apple’s co-founders and most innovative former CEOs. His passion for innovation truly changed our world; if it weren’t for him, who knows where we might be today?

In 1976, Jobs teamed up with Steve Wozniak to launch the Apple-1 computer – an invention that would revolutionize computing forever. From there sprang forth a series of early machines such as the Lisa and Macintosh which cemented Apple’s legacy in tech history. Unfortunately, without its visionary leader at the helm, the company faltered after his departure for NeXT in 1985 – though he eventually returned triumphant when rehired by then CEO Gil Amelio 1997.

Apple’s strategic move to acquire NeXT in 1997 brought Steve Jobs back into the fold, initiating a new era of technology. Under his visionary guidance, iconic products such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad were released – each groundbreaking for its time – along with services including iTunes and App Store. His innovative spirit was unparalleled; even after he passed away in 2011 it continues to reverberate throughout many aspects of the company today.

In the decade since his passing, Steve Jobs’ legacy still lives on. His unique vision and passionate design philosophies have left an indelible mark on Apple; a brand now synonymous with innovation and excellence in technology. CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged that without him these timeless products would simply not be possible – testament to just how far-reaching one man’s impact can truly be!

As Apple continues to dominate the tech industry, their iconic products remain as popular and ever. With over two billion active devices worldwide; AirPods, ‌Apple Watch‌ and the upcoming AR/VR headset serving as a reminder of Steve Jobs’ legacy within company leader Tim Cook’s innovation-focused tenure at Apple. On this day 23 years ago on February 24th 2000 – MacRumors was created by Arnold Kim due its demand for an online platform dedicated solely to everything related to all things ‘Apple’.

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