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Apple launches a new app dedicated for classical music lovers

Apple has released a new app, dubbed Apple Music Classical for classical music lovers. The app has to be downloaded separately from the Apple App Store, and it sits alongside the original Apple Music app. The big difference between the two is the music catalogue.

Apple Music also lets users listen to classical artists or younger talents specialised in the classical field; however, the new app is created to let users discover more classical players more efficiently. The Apple Music Classical app also streams music in spatial audio, which leverages Dolby Atmos technology to offer a 360-degree surround sound effect. It also features lossless audio of up to 24 bit/192 kHz.

According to Apple, its new software will also enable users to find “descriptions of thousands of works” and “insightful composer biographies.” Users won’t need to purchase a different subscription in order to use Apple Music Classical. It can instead function with the standard Apple Music membership. (Rs 99 per month). According to Apple, the new software has over five million songs, and its specially curated playlist will be helpful for beginners.

The standard app, however, has access to over 100 million tracks. The business has made 700 playlists to lead listeners through 800 years of music because the app caters to a specific audience, and more playlists will be added. To learn more about classical music, beginners can commence with the “The Story of Classical” audio guides.

The overall design of the app is identical to that of the standard Apple Music app, which heavily features the colors red and white. Users will benefit from this given their familiarity with the initial app. Minor changes have been made, though. For instance, the browse page has three subtabs: Instruments, Playlists, and the Catalog. There are also some applications that are exclusive.

Since the business purchased Primephonic in 2021, there has been a long wait for the Apple Music Classical app. The COVID-19 outbreak may have caused the launch postponement.

Apple has been focusing on services over the past three to four years in an effort to keep users on its network. As an illustration, Apple introduced the Fitness Plus program, which is intended for iPhone and Apple Watch users. The business has also introduced new subscriptions, such as Apple One, which give users access to a number of services, including Apple News (limited market), Apple Arcade, and Apple TV Plus for movies.

Similar to this, Apple has begun making movies and television shows, and some of these have gotten good reviews. The business published CODA on Apple TV Plus last year; it was also an Oscar winner. With its unique approach, the new Music App Classical will ideally win over a new audience.

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